So we’re not at all surprised at this reaction from the man Trump once called ‘Dopey Prince Alwaleed Talal,’ mocking the rich daddy’s kid for wanting to control freedom of speech, but honestly, we’re sort of surprised he would try doing it ON Twitter where so many people could make fun of him.

Playing the intrinsic value card instead of admitting he doesn’t want people to be free to speak on the platform … that’s cute.

Considering the stock only started to climb again after Elon bought his shares, we’re pretty sure we can all see where the ‘intrinsic value’ is really coming from.

You can guess how this went over:

It’s starting to make sense why so many of the narratives Twitter allows on their platform are progressive and awful while limiting and censoring others that are more conservative and less awful.

We snort-laughed.

Dopey is a word we simply do not use enough these days.


Math is hard.



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