Democrats have lost Hispanics.

Hey man, we saw it happen in real-time in Virginia when Glenn Youngkin beat the pants off Terry McAuliffe in 21. Ooh, sorry for that visual, but you get where we’re going. Hispanics in Virginia didn’t like how Northam locked down the state, pandered to the teacher’s union, allowed classrooms to be shut down, kids masked … etc. They also didn’t support many of his very Leftist policies around abortion, guns, etc.

And let’s be honest, Virginia isn’t unique in this.

Ben Domenech spelled it out for our pals on the Left. Heck, he even included a picture …

We’ll give you a minute to think about what you did. HA HA HA HA HA

This is great.

Keep going.

All they do is listen to white liberals … and it’s slowly destroying their party.

Ain’t it great?


Lots of Hispanics are Catholic which makes them pretty pro-life. Just sayin’.

Psh, Democrats hate those things.

Sorry, not sorry, but they do. When was the last time you heard a Democrat talk about the importance of family? Freedom? Faith?

Democrats did a crap job.

Yeah, we know, he said it a better but we had to put our spin on it.


THERE it is.

Maybe if Democrats used THAT a bit more.




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