Max Boot is not just upset with free-speech absolutist Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter outright, he’s FRIGHTENED by it. Imagine not only being afraid of people being able to freely speak their minds but having the audacity to tweet it out loud. In essence, Max wants MORE censorship.

For you.

And for us.

He even thinks silencing more information is how our ‘democracy’ survives.

No really, he tweeted this:

Max has a sad.

And it’s only going to get SADDER looking at the responses to his tweet.

Gotta love our friendly neighborhood Washington Post columnists, right?

If Twitter doesn’t keep throttling conservative voices there might be a level playing field politically and OMG that would be such a nightmare and stuff. Whatever will Democrats do if people aren’t inundated with their propaganda and rhetoric only?

Max wants more darkness for other people, just not for him.

Crazy shiznit, right?

Translation: Max can’t hold his own unless Twitter is suppressing and censoring people he disagrees with.

Who does this yahoo thinks owns them now?


Looks like Max spends a lot of time being frightened.

Poor little feller.

There ya go! That’s what they’ve been telling conservatives who don’t like being censored on Twitter.

Build your own Twitter, Max. Make your own platform.




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