Iowahawk has some suggestions for Elon Musk if and when (crossing fingers, eyes, toes, legs, arms, etc) he officially buys Twitter. We’re pretty sure our good friends with pretty blue checkmarks won’t like his ideas BUT those of us who have been denied verification because we are problematic or don’t tweet things Twitter support likes can have a good laugh reading through this.

He wants Elon to go scorched Earth on them.


Well, if he could welcome back some banned accounts that would be pretty rad as well.



Twitter pretends to look at your application, then tells you you’re too problematic, irrelevant (even though they verify Obituary editors), and deny you. They may go so far as to deny you the ability to even mark your account as professional.

Sort of like what they’ve done to this editor over and over again.

But enough whining from us … keep going.


And that’s why so many people with blue checks by their names are freaking out. They like the way things are, thank you very much, and some guy coming in and allowing the plebs to speak their minds is not good for them. Like, at all.

Easy to point out hypocrites when you yourself are not one.

Fair point.

Again, fair.

Sounds like capitalism to this editor.

Make it happen!

We can think of people who might want to place ads on Burge’s timeline.



We like how this Iowahawk guy thinks.



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