Almost as if Twitter and Media Matters were trying to give Elon Musk even more of a reason to buy the tech giant and open it up for free speech … for everyone. Not just a chosen few who push the right agenda, promote the right narrative and fuel the right propaganda.

Like Media Matters.

Jonathan Turley wrote a short thread explaining how Twitter locking LibsOfTikTok for sharing the left’s own words proves they don’t care about support or safety, only about shaping viewpoints.

We see you, Twitter.

But notice, Right Wing Watch isn’t getting suspended on Twitter or targeted by Media Matters.

Huh, wonder why that is.

Ok, we’re being facetious, we know damn well why that is.

This is why they’re losing their minds so badly about the idea of Elon buying the platform and returning it to what it was always meant to be. They all know once the playing field is evened (this is seriously this editor’s favorite saying right now) then it will be far harder for them to SHAPE viewpoints.

People will go back to thinking for themselves.

And that terrifies TF out of them.



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