Man oh man and boy oh boy, the brave firefighters in traditional media really showed us who they are yesterday after the news broke about Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter. We all knew they were more than happy to censor those they disagree with (calling them conspiracy theorists, accusing them of misinformation, etc) but the hissyfit was truly a monumental moment.

And not in a good way.

They let the mask slip and showed us the ugly face hiding behind it. And they tried to claim allowing people they disagree with to be heard would be the END OF DEMOCRACY.

One of the worst was Max Boot. All we can say about his response and behavior is WOOF.

This thread (although with only two tweets we’re not sure it’s actually a thread but the tweets are threaded so maybe?) calling Max Boot out ironically for misinformation is pretty damn good:

We knew Max was bad, but not THIS bad. Yikes.

If Max’s ideas and thoughts can’t stand up to those who disagree with him perhaps he needs new ideas and thoughts. And let’s not pretend Max is in any way unique, plenty of people on the Left have gotten very comfortable being the only ones who are allowed to share their ideas, narratives, agendas, and yes, even propaganda.

And Elon Musk evening the playing field is a real threat to them.

Ain’t it great?



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