Nobody is surprised Twitter turned Elon down. But what IS surprising is how open they now are about their desperation to control the narrative. Even at the cost of their own company.

Clearly, what the board has done has nothing to do with finances and everything to do with denying freedom of speech to those they disagree with which ironically makes them kinda sorta fascisty. The same people who have been calling anyone and everyone on the Right MUH FASCISTS are the ones trying to silence others on a global level.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn terrifying.

Jeff Carlson wrote an exceptional thread and while we know they will NEVER answer his questions … boom.

They don’t care about their shareholders,

They just care about the POWER.

It does indeed.

This ^

This also. ^


The answer is they can’t.

And cue the massive lawsuits …

Authoritarian control of free speech.

What he said, all damn day.

If nothing else, Elon has exposed who is REALLY pulling the strings behind Twitter and their blatant, gross, obnoxious bias.



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