Gary Chambers is a candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana.

He also appears to think Black people should all think and vote alike and if they do not, they are a disgrace.

Hey, we didn’t write it, we’re just sharing his tweet shaming Tim Scott for voting no on Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Damn, Gary, that’s pretty racist. Yeah, we said it.

It’s a disgrace for Scott to vote the way he believes? The way he feels? Based on the evidence he witnessed himself?

This is a bad take, Gary. We get it, you’re running and think the best way to get attention is to be obnoxious on Twitter … but eh.

He continued:

Racist political ideology against his own people.


Another bad take.

@Shaughn_A2 (a Twitchy and Twitter favorite) responded perfectly:

Pointing out one of the concerns around KBJ’s sentencing record and history and reminding Gary that yes, Tim likely does know better than most of us, and especially him.


Sounds like it.

Crazy talk. Apparently, if you have a certain skin color you must think, act, believe, feel, and vote the same way.

It’s more than silly, it’s flat-out racist.

Yeah, THAT’S the scariest part with KBJ – she has no position on whether or not rights are inherent. Sure, the whole going easy on predators thing is scary, but her literal JOB is to have a position on our rights … that she does not is TERRIFYING.

Democrats like to claim conservatives are taking us backward, but we’re not the ones pushing skin color before character and claiming if you’re a certain race you have to vote and think a certain way. We’re also not the ones supporting segregated activities but that’s another article altogether.

What he said.



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