Starting to wonder if Jennifer Rubin is eating a lot of paint chips or somethin’ in her spare time. Maybe her mom ate a bunch of deli meat when she was in utero?

Because this take is bad, super bad, totally super bad, crazy insane bad, bad bad bad even for her.

Biden’s economy would be unmatched if not for the inflation … he created with his own sh*t policies.


From WaPo:

Looking at the big picture, Biden’s economic record is extraordinary, but it is marred by inflation. Whether responsible or not for the latter, Biden is unlikely to improve the public’s surly mood until inflation abates. That is bad news for Democrats’ chances in the midterms, but if the Fed brings down inflation without driving the country into a recession, Biden’s economic record may be viewed as one of the most successful in history. That is a big “if.”

Marred by inflation caused by HIS POLICIES, JENN.


And folks, we’re written many a story about people calling Jenn out for being a peanut-butter-brain, but WHOO DAWGIE , this was impressive:


It would have been a great show, totally.


You’d think someone close to her at some point would say, ‘Jenn, put the WaPo down. No more.’


And we sure as heck wouldn’t be able to write about her being a nimrod.

So winning?



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