This editor bleeds orange, so we take no pleasure in pointing out how idiotic this tweet from former Bronco superstar Shannon Sharpe really is.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is REAL, and it even destroys the minds of Super Bowl Champs like Sharpe.

It all started with him tweeting about how upset he was paying so much for gas:

Ha ha ha, so clever, the bazillionaire who made money tossing a ball around wants to work for a gas station so he can get a break on gas.

But when he’s reminded of WHY the gas is so high …

He tweets this stupid.

Talk about privilege.

The majority of Americans canNOT afford $20 a gallon … we suppose we should thank Shannon for reminding us all it is the out-of-touch, wealthy elite who support Biden. They love to pretend Democrats are the party of the little man, the poor man (we can still say man, right? just not woman?), but the reality is they are the party of the uber-rich.

Like Shannon Sharpe.

Don’t suppose Shannon realizes $20 a gallon would make everything else crazy expensive too, right?


How many concussions? Fair question.

Yeah, we did too.

Nope, he doesn’t.

Even if he claims he does.

What’s with going all third-person? Really? Is this the WWE, Shannon?

What a maroon.



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