If what Julie Kelly is reporting here in this damning thread is true, then it’s quite possible there was straight-up election interference from the FBI in 2020. We know, we’ve talked about a lot of stuff that makes you wonder if we’re adjusting our tinfoil hats but this seems … odd.

Even troubling.

Kudos to Julie for keeping the pressure on and reporting on a story many people in the media would like to just sort of forget.

Take a look:

Was past the 30-day window required in federal criminal cases.

Why indeed?

Say what?

Oh, it gets shadier.

Keep going.

Remember how hard the media worked to blame Trump for the Whitmer kidnapping plot? They claimed he was influencing white supremacists and nationalists …

Biden and Whitmer fed it because of course they did.

We totally forgot about that. Liberate Michigan.

They lost their minds.

He was fighting against her crazy lockdowns that were killing her state’s economy and stunting children’s education but somehow this became the calling card for some militia to kidnap Whitmer. Don’t look at us like that, we just work here.

The more we read about the months and events leading up to the election, the more we just have to scratch our heads.

Oh, they’ve all bragged about ‘fortifying the election,’ so we know something was going on.

How deep that something actually goes though remains to be seen.



Just GUESS how much YOU (and your great-grandchildren) are paying monthly for rent so Secret Service can ‘protect’ Biden’s degenerate son

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