Weird way to ask for a date, AOC.

What is it with Democrats and their insatiable desire to impeach people they feel have done them wrong? Ginni Thomas’ private texts have zero to do with Clarence Thomas, no matter how much our pals on the Left want to pretend otherwise. Maybe since they spent so much time making up crap to try and stop Kavanaugh they feel like they need to make up some rules to get rid of Thomas?

Nobody ever accused these people of being honest or having any sort of integrity.

Case in point.

His acts are fair game?

Huh? Does she think he was the one texting maybe?

Also, has she met herself? Heh.

But it’s DIFFERENT for them … yeah, that’s it.

Different when they do it.

AOC will never live that down, claiming Republicans ‘attack’ her because they actually want to date her. Hey, at least she’s not confused by a garbage disposal anymore.

This is an insult to boxes of rocks everywhere.

Paging Hunter Biden …



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