Hey guys.

Don’t worry about President Sleepy Joe saying really stupid and even dangerous stuff when he was in Europe … because he’s Irish.

Or something. Yeah, that’s the ticket. That totally makes what he said AOK.

No, we’re not making that up – Leon Panetta used this very line of BS yesterday on CNN. And we thought it was lame when they tried to blame a stutter we’d never heard about until 2020 for his gaffes, screw-ups, and odd behavior while speaking.

Biden doesn’t need more discipline.

He needs to retire.

The guy has been a train wreck of gaffes for 50 years, but it’s gotten so bad now (and so dangerous) that something really should be done about it.


Sorry, not sorry.

This works too. ^

Right? Because all Irish people babble mindlessly and whisper strangely … it’s just what we do. *eye roll*

And yes, this editor is also Irish.

So much BS in fact that full-size, adult bulls could walk by this amount of BS, stop, and say, ‘WOW, that is a lot of BS.’



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