All we can think is her husband must not be on Twitter because seriously, who does this? Ok, don’t answer that question because we can see for ourselves who does this … but still. This is just so odd and cruel even.

If she’s this mad about masking you KNOW she’s just a blast at small gatherings and birthday parties.

Oh, and if you think she’s bad, wait until you see the crazy on this thread. We have said time and time again, the REAL damage the government lockdowns did was to mental health.

Look at these comments, being this afraid and dependent on a piece of cloth to keep you safe is just not normal:

We really hope the poor guy isn’t on Twitter. Yikes.

Separate rooms.

That sounds like a fun household.

And THERE IT IS AGAIN, treating someone like a villain if they get sick. People have been catching viruses forEVER, but suddenly now it’s some giant crime if someone gets sick?

Ummm … no.

And gross.


The avi … always look at the avi.

And notice, she says she’s vaxxed. They both are.

What makes her think a mask is going to stop it?

Luckily, there was a little sanity on the thread:



And that’s the truth.



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