Far be it for us to pretend we have any idea what’s going on with the charity arm of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Biden’s White House but gosh, golly, and gee, this thread sure sounds shady AF. Especially when it’s paying salaries (even indirectly) of White House science office employees.

You know what? We’ll just get out of the way and let you read the thread.

Take a gander at this:

Google … huh, kinda sorta sounds like Big Tech is super friendly with the Biden White House.

We know you know we know you already knew that but still.


Keep following along.

What alarmed ethics officials is that Big Tech has its hands in everything.

And there’s the tie to Biden. ‘Weeks after Biden nominated Lander, Broad announced a $150 million gift from the former CEO of Google’, who then became the chair of the board.


Something strange is afoot at the Circle Biden.



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