First Twitter locked The Babylon Bee for making a joke about Rachel Levine being the M A N of the year. Then they locked their Editor-In-Chief, Kyle Mann, for making a joke about them locking Babylon Bee out for making a joke …

Twitter has no sense of humor.

Technically, Big Tech itself lacks a sense of humor and seems to have a perpetual stick wedged up its backside. We suppose when you care more about being woke and social justice than you do about an open and free internet, this is what happens.

Now they’ve locked The Federalist’s Sr. Editor John Daniel Davidson out for talking about Big Tech’s wokeness and daring to mention the word man anywhere near Rachel Levine’s name.

Big Tech is BIG sensitive.

And apparently can’t allow people to say anything they may disagree with, especially when it comes to Rachel Levine. Makes ya’ wonder if Rachel has friends or family who work for Twitter.

Honestly, this editor thinks we should encourage them to continue down this road because even some Democrats are starting to think they’ve gone too far and the red pills are a plenty.

Or maybe Elon Musk to buy them?

Just spitballin’.



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