So the Planned Parenthood Action Committee thought it was cute to build an ice cream truck and make it an abortion truck … because you know, using sweet, childhood imagery to push the slaughter of thousands and thousands of unborn babies makes total sense.

Maybe if you’re a complete sociopath.

Case in point:

This is just creepy and awful on so many levels. But then again, think about the people who came up with it and it makes perfect sense. And you know, if you’re a pro-abort you should probably avoid using any sort of slogan that includes the word ‘scream.’

Not a great look for people who champion abortion.

Yup, just when you think pro-aborts can’t sink any lower you see something like this and realize there is no ‘bottom’ for a group who works to protect abortion up to and even after birth (if for some reason the baby survives the abortion procedure).

Gosh, that sounds mean for a Twitchy article.

Maybe because abortion advocates deserve it.


Ok, so maybe it does make sense.


Pure evil.

That reads.



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