OMG, you guys.

Forget Russia invading Ukraine or CRAZY inflation nuking Americans’ wallets all across the country, there is MUCH bigger news in Florida. Hold onto your hats …

Governor Ron DeSantis ACTUALLY told high school kids they could take their masks off. STOP THE PRESSES. Granted, he also told them if they wanted to leave them on that was fine but apparently being honest about the theater that is COVID was somehow the worst thing ever!

Local media took it to a new level of stupid by interviewing this mother CRAZED and angry because her son took his off.

Her ranting without a mask while keeping her son masked up OUTSIDE is really special:

Ugh, that poor kid.

Not only is he likely in trouble for taking it off (because he WANTED TO), but now he has to go on TV and get interviewed about it? C’mon media, we get it, you hate Republicans (especially DeSantis) but this isn’t news.

At all.

Bullying kids?!

Did these same people say the same to governors MAKING kids mask?!

No words.


Big news!

Christina Pushaw with the takedown:

Yeah, he doesn’t look like he was bullied to take it off.

Look at that smile.

Smiles that have been missing for two years now.


And let’s be honest, she is far more at risk than he is.

Ding ding ding.

We’re going to guess no, they did not.

Clearly, he feels pressure from her.

We’d say you can tell from watching his face but she’s making him cover it for the OUTDOORS interview.



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