Democrats tried once again to make lynching a hate crime. Because you know, murder is not quite hateful enough.

So much theatre from those on the Left …


Or, you know, read this pretty damn good thread from Thomas Massie about why he voted no and then go back to understandong this is all just another game from the Left who continue to do nothing real for Americans.

Notice he said he voted no LAST Congress. That’s because they keep doing this.

Keep going.

‘Penalties for ‘hate’ tend to endanger other liberties.’ He’s right.

And c’mon, is there anything such as a friendly murder? Loving murder?

Murder by its nature is HATEFUL and to his point, all victims deserve equal justice.

It’s like double-secret probation.


What it really does is give Democrats a lame-AF talking point claiming Republicans don’t think lynching is a hate crime. That’s why they keep trying to pass it … now. Too bad they weren’t on board with passing it over a hundred years ago when a REPUBLICAN tried to get it done.

No really.


As the new year of 1900 opened, Rep. George Henry White (R-NC, 2nd District) faced a stark dilemma. During 1899, he had carefully attempted to repair his image among North Carolina Democrats by adroitly hewing to a moderate position on emigration by African Americans, and hoping to head off supporters of a disfranchisement amendment to the state constitution, now due for a vote in August.

Yet he was irrevocably committed to introducing his carefully crafted bill to make lynching a federal offense, punishable by death; he had worked feverishly on the proposed language for months, with considerable help. It was certain to be unpopular among Democrats in the Old North State. He must have known the firestorm of controversy his bill would ignite in the South, one probably ending his political career, even his professional one, in North Carolina. As the nation’s only African-American member of Congress, he was nonetheless prepared to take that risk.

Notice they never seem to bring this little nugget up. Sort of defeats the purpose of claiming Republicans are the racists … and our Democratic pals can’t have that.



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