Ted Cruz was very honest about Joe Biden’s failure with Russia (and most all things) on Sunday morning. Truth be told, he didn’t really say anything all that shocking or that most people didn’t already know about the guy who thinks he’s still a senator.

Even his supporters know it … Biden is a disaster.

There are still Americans stranded in Afghanistan FFS.

So explaining that he’s sucking wind in Russia is not all that shocking:

Seems Eric Swalwell couldn’t deal with Ted’s honesty about Biden, but instead of debating the senator about any of his points, Fang-Banger went after Ted’s wife.

This is an elected official? Really, California?

Eric Swalwell’s ignorance, flatulence, and banging of a Chinese spy have emboldened us all to make fun of him forever.

Twitchy says thanks, Eric.

Because he’s a toad.

A nutless, sad little troll who dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary so fast we almost forgot he tried to run in the first place. Remember when he begged people to give him a dollar instead of buying a bag of chips?

It’s not even a joke, it’s just mean.

That plus his FART heard ’round the world.




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