You guys remember when Biden authored the most racist crime bill in modern history, right?

The same guy who openly told Black Americans they ain’t Black if they don’t vote for him and once claimed Republicans would ‘put them all back in chains’?

You can REALLY the difference between when ol’ racist Joe is speaking off the cuff and when he’s reading something someone else wrote for him.

Watch this, and notice all the breaks and edits … how many takes did it TAKE?

Dismantle systemic racism.

This guy has been part of the racist system for half a century. Clearly, he hasn’t figured out how to dismantle it yet.


Even people on the Left were less than impressed with this speech:

He campaigned on a lot of things he won’t be following through on.


Yup. When Kamala Harris was calling him a racist during the Democratic primary … good times.

There ya’ go!



A-HOLE should be the face of ALL teacher’s unions! CA Teacher’s Assoc. Board Member BUSTED enjoying Super Bowl maskless (while forcing kids to mask)

Ummm … because they WERE spying on him? WaPo fact-checkers rush to Hillary’s RESCUE from spying scandal BUT ain’t nobody buyin’ it

WHOA … WTF? Biden campaign paid tens of THOUSANDS to same tech firm at center of Clinton Campaign spying on Trump scandal

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