Have we mentioned lately that teacher’s unions are the boils on the butt of humanity? Because if not, then teacher’s unions are the boils on the butt of humanity.

During this pandemic, they really and truly had an opportunity to step up and be the real heroes they claim to be. If they had shown up to work, ready to educate, there wouldn’t be a parent on the planet who wasn’t willing to go to bat and help them make more money a year, receive better benefits, etc.

Instead, they’ve become villains, fighting having kids in the classroom, fighting to keep our children masked …

While they go to the Super Bowl, maskless.

Look how EXCITED Jesse is.

No mask.


Surrounded by thousands of other maskless people.

And he is fighting the unmasking of California children.

This. Is. Who. They. Are.

Right? Those seats ain’t cheap.

Oh, we’re not shocked. We just think it’s important to keep shining a light on these douchebags.

That’s all.

Talk about a maskless mask-hole.

Editor’s note: This picture of Jesse may be from the NFC championship game … like that changes anything. He still attended maskless while masking the kids. – sj



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