Maybe Liz Cheney should just run as a Democrat. She still won’t win in Wyoming but at least she’d be away from ‘the crazies’.

From The Federalist:

Cheney’s campaign, which has made an ongoing feud with former President Donald Trump and his supporters the hallmark of her tenure in the lower chamber, is funded in part by the same blue-dollar donors who bankrolled the Lincoln Project. The incumbent congresswoman is also holding East Coast fundraisers with similarly prominent NeverTrump crusaders including Mitt Romney, a Republican senator from Utah.

“I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,” Cheney told the Times Saturday while she gathered with reporters instead of grassroots supporters 230 miles away. “I reject the notion that somehow we don’t have to abide by the rule of law. And the people right now who are in the leadership of our state party, I’m not trying to get their support because they’ve abandoned the Constitution.”

The crazies.

Alrighty then.

Is Liz saying only ‘crazies’ are tired of her giving the Left ammunition to attack and hate on them? Does it make a Wyomingite crazy for being angry with her targeting Trump while ignoring what the people she is supposed to represent want?

It’s as if she doesn’t want to get reelected at this point.

Why not both?

Ain’t that the truth?



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