Good news, Biden lemmings! The Washington Post is doing its best to save Biden from the horrific ‘free crack pipe’ news cycle by claiming the feds aren’t spending $30 million on crack pipes.

Pay attention to their headline …

It doesn’t say they’re not buying crack pipes, it says they’re not spending $30 million on crack pipes alone. If you actually read the article (and trust us, they know their readers will just see the headilne and run with it) you see the admin is absolutely buying crack pipes.

Take a look.

From WaPo:

“It’s really disappointing that Republicans are trying to win political points by putting lives at risk and creating misinformation about harm reduction,” said Jamie Favaro, executive director of NEXT Distro, one of the groups that applied for the grants.

No, what’s really disappointing is the feds looking to use taxpayer money to buy crack pipes. Oh, and about their claim the money won’t go to purchase crack pipes? It’s in their article that it will:

Also on the list: “safe smoking kits.” Typically, such kits include a rubber mouthpiece to prevent cuts and burns, brass screens to filter contaminants and disinfectant wipes, according to Harm Reduction International.

Favaro, whose program does not distribute the “safe smoking kits” approved by HHS, said groups that provide kits typically don’t include a glass pipe as it is expensive relative to providing the rubber mouthpiece.

Ok, except the very next sentence literally says otherwise:

Clean glass pipes are intended to curb sharing pipes and spreading oral infections or injecting with needles, a riskier method of doing drugs.

Womp womp womp.

Sorry, not sorry.



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