Usually, when we write about Jesse Kelly it’s to make fun of him for the mint green blazer he used to wear or to highlight one of his brutal takedowns of some stupid troll on Twitter but today, we are writing about him doing something incredibly considerate.

And absolutely heartbreaking.

Jesse asked people to share with him the ‘awful things’ that happened to them while their government was trying to ‘protect them’ from a virus. And then he read them on his show. Note, this thread is far longer than we’ve included here and we would encourage you to either read through the entire thread on Twitter or listen to his show where he reads these tweets (which we linked at the bottom). This editor is still crying after reading everything …

Again, this is just a small sample.

No words.

Seeing many comments like this, people not being allowed to have funerals for their lost ones.

They were doing that to ‘protect them’.

Just so cruel.

No words for this level of neglect.

Ok, this one broke this editor’s heart.

See what we mean?

Who are these people?

Yeah … so many of them stayed with people who were passing so they wouldn’t pass alone.


That. ^

As we said, listen here.

And no, we can never EVER let any of this go.

Their efforts to battle COVID did far more harm than good.



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