Loudoun County Public Schools are just a disaster. From ‘transferring’ a rapist from school-to-school (where he raped again), to having school board members take part in building hate lists of parents opposed to CRT, to suing the governor to keep students’ faces covered, it’s a seriously crap district.

And considering it’s in one of the wealthiest counties in this COUNTRY, it says a lot about the state of public education and ain’t none of it any good. Time for school choice …

Especially when you see an email sent out to all principals like this one:

These people are in charge of SCHOOLS?! Insanity.

They want their schools run like prisons and for why? Because parents want to choose whether or not their kids’ faces are masked. It’s as if the villains keep doubling down to be even worse; and what’s most insane about all of this is THEY think they’re the good guys.

Absolutely the truth.



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