Of course, this latest attack on Rogan was coordinated. Duh.

By whom you ask?

We’ll let Wokal Distance explain because his/her/their thread kicks ALL the a*s:

Big thanks to Wokal for doing the digging so all we have to do is put his thread here. Heh.

Hey, we give credit where it’s due:

We’re pretty sure we know why they took credit for it but we’ll wait.

It’s not just an organic group of Lefties who care? Gosh, we’re shocked.

Keep going.

Ellen Degeneres.


What IS a Super PAC?

Raise unlimited amounts of money.

Then spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against political candidates.

Nice schtick, eh?


They want people to notice they can get views too.


And we all know the one thing the Left really cares about is POWER.

Ding ding ding.

It’s not about saving people from misinformation or fighting for the greater good.

It’s about power.


These things are always coordinated.

Just look at the noise out of Virginia where a bunch of Democrats is accusing Youngkin of attacking a high school student. It didn’t happen, the person in question is an admitted political activist, and the tweet they’re freaking out about just reminds them all that Northam wore blackface.

This morning the Democrats are clutching pearls because HE DENIGRATED A CHILD.

Forget it’s not Youngkin who tweeted it and the person in question is far from a child, the narrative is out there.

Just like the Rogan mess.



Virginia Dems (led by Sen. Louise Lucas) lie their AS*ES off about Gov. Youngkin attacking ‘innocent high schooler’ and WOW, do we some have receipts

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