As Twitchy readers know, a Tweep named Wokal Distance put together a thread pulling back the curtain on well-funded troll accounts MeidasTouch and PatriotTakes, showing how they seemed to have worked together to start this latest attack on Rogan.

Dave Portnoy also shared the thread and pointed out how this latest smear felt similar to those videos made to attack him.

Welp, Dave’s tweet upset Brett Meiselas (MeidasTouch co-founder) enough to claim they are just partners with PatriotTakes and that people are just mad and want to defend a guy who used the n-word.

So other than being partners they had nothing to do with it.



It is stunning to this editor that people actually pay attention to this guy but nobody has ever accused the Left of being all that bright.

Why so sensitive, MeidasTouch?

Could it be this little nugget?



Pretty much.




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