Joe Rogan is so racist they have to share deliberately edited snippets of his interviews to make him look racist.

Classy, right?

Green Footballs, aka Charles Johnson, pointed out that Rogan’s interview of the OTHER Charles Johnson had been removed. Notice the interview was from 2015.

This Charles is really worried that people won’t know him from the other Charles.

Maybe if he were himself more memorable that wouldn’t be an issue?

And yet both Charles Johnsons are annoying.

Case in point.

Small part.

Can’t help but notice we don’t see Rogan’s response.

Wonder why that is.

Oh, whaddya know.

Rogan refuted Johnson, which technically debunks the other Johnson’s insinuation about Rogan being a racist.

They really are a simple, sad little group of people.

Join the club. Lil feller blocks easy.

So glad you asked:

And now that we’ve written about him he’ll probably whine that we bullied him or something.


This is true.

See what we mean?

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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