Awwww, so we’re back from pouncing to seizing.

Good good, this editor much prefers the ‘seizing’ thing, it sounds so much more aggressive. Fluffy kittens ‘pounce,’ you know?


These freakin’ people.

From WaPo (spoiler, WE’RE ALL SEIZING):

A photo from a reading event celebrating Black History Month in an Atlanta-area school has sparked an intense back-and-forth among the leading candidates in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, underscoring the potent political force of classroom coronavirus policies in that high-profile race.

The dust-up began when Democrat Stacey Abrams retweeted photos of herself at an elementary school in Decatur, where she made an appearance Friday. Abrams, who deleted the post, was pictured without a mask, surrounded by students and staffers who were wearing face coverings. The Abrams campaign has said she wore a mask to the school event and removed it only to take photos and speak with students watching remotely.



Stacey Abrams tweeted a picture of herself sitting unmasked SURROUNDED by masked children.

That’s it.

That’s what happened.

And it’s not about racism or public health or anything else they tried to claim it was in their silly statement.

Stacey should just be glad we’re not pouncing on her.

Although it might be easier to pounce … you know what, we won’t make a joke here. Granted, by talking about making a joke you’re already making your own joke but that’s ON YOU, pal.


Man, we miss the days of springing.

It was a much simpler time.

The irony, right?

The face of the Democratic Party, ladies and gents.



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