Whether you agree with Michelle Malkin or not, this is pretty eff’d up.

Michelle shared not only HER experience being banned by Airbnb, but her husband as well. It’s frightening enough to think a company would refuse to serve someone based on their political ideas but to punish a spouse? What about kids? Siblings? Parents?

Scary stuff, folks.

Take a gander:

Michelle brings up a great point. Banning people based on an ideology is a very slippery slope and as she said, ‘Where does it stop’?

Hate groups?

Say what now?

White nationalism? They do realize Michelle is not white, right? And per their message, they’ve done this before.

And to be fair, the baker offered to provide the gay couple a cake, just not a wedding cake. He did not deny them service overall.

Unlike what Airbnb has done here.

Sounds like Michelle thinks Zachary is a twit.


And another twit:

But considering it’s the media she’s talking about these are clearly people with less than half a brain.

Just sayin’.

As you can see, Michelle has been adding tweets to this thread for several days now.

Shine a little light … yadda yadda yadda.

Again, whether you agree with Michelle or not, this should scare you. They’re shutting her down and shutting her out based on their own ideas of who she is, where does that stop? And people on the Left thumbing their noses at ‘those evil people on the Right’ might want to pay attention to this as well because nobody is ever really safe from the cancel culture mob, especially if you have any sort of opinion on anything.

We’ll keep an eye on Michelle’s thread and keep you posted.



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