People who see Nazi conspiracy theories everywhere think THEY’RE the good guys.

Think about that.

How absolutely out there does someone have to be to think #HonkHonk is code for Heil Hitler?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Now, at first, we thought maybe this was a parody because yeah, parody accounts tweet some seriously stupid stuff.

But nope.

It’s real.

In fact, she has 143k followers.

Yikes, right?

FYI, they come up in search.


We’re amazed any of these people can actually chew their own food or tie their own shoes.

Holy crap, it’s a whole thread:

Someone should ask her if the right-wing Nazi truckers are in the room with her.

Holy cow.

No, we won’t bore you with all of the noise, if you want to see it the thread is still up on Twitter (if she hasn’t blocked you, she seems to block a lot).

Honk honk indeed. LOL



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