Ron Filipkowski is a high-level troll account we don’t spend enough time writing about. His entire timeline is just constant attacks on the right, especially MUH MAGA PEOPLE. And hey, it’s hard to blame him when thousands of mindless, brainless losers on the cesspit that IS Twitter fave and retweet him pretty much nonstop.

He has found his base.

And it’s not a great one BUT it’s a reliable one that clicks and taps like they’re told.

You know it’s bad when ol’ Ron thought he could deliberately crop a photo of Madison Cawthorn with two women and accuse him of being a skeeze.

When people like Ron show you who they really are, believe them.

Dude, c’mon.

Granted, the tools who follow Ron are probably fine with his deliberately lying about Cawthorn because the ends justify the means or whatever.

We are not dealing with the best and kindest of people.


Gosh, you have to wonder … is that slander? Could that photo cause real damage to Cawthorn’s life and career?

Interesting question.

And that’s why Ron cropped it the way he did.

And Hillary called Trump’s supporters, ‘deplorable.’





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