Rachel Maddow is seriously the queen of misinformation.

We can say that, right? Queen?

That’s not assuming gender or implying she’d want to be a queen and not a king? Or a duke? Duchess? Hey, we’re sensitive here at Twitchy and want to make sure we’re not committing a micro-aggression or something by saying that.


Oh, man, sometimes we even crack ourselves up.

Since Neil Young and other old hippies and woke Lefties want to cancel Joe Rogan for ‘misinformation,’ it’s only fair that they go after Rachel Maddow since she is far worse than Joe has ever been PLUS she’s on primetime.

Makes sense, right?

Especially when this segment from almost a year ago is trending on Twitter today.

Virus stops with every vaccinated person.

Alrighty then.

THAT’S some serious misinformation.

Time to cancel her show, MSNBC. Them’s the rules!

The machine.

That is perfect.

She’s ALLOWED to spread misinformation because it’s the misinformation the ‘machine’ is happy to spread to support the narrative.

It’s as simple as that.



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