Seriously, whoever is writing Biden’s tweets needs to just stop.

We get that he had to ‘tweet’ something for the state of National Black History Month but this didn’t even go over well with Democrats.

Cute how they are using ‘equity’ versus equality, and we say they because there is NO WAY Biden even knows what Twitter is, let alone writing some meaningful tweet about the start of National Black History Month.

And speaking of that meaningful tweet, it pissed off the Left:


Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve heard it.

It is fun, however, to see these people yelling at Biden for a change.

Well, technically blah blah blah.

Thanks for the insight, Pistol Pete.


You get the picture.

Oh, and other Lefties took this opportunity to beg for stuff:

Gimme gimme gimme.

Lots of gimme gimmes on this tweet.

And then there were the tweets we expected to see questioning one of the most racist presidents in modern history tweeting about equity:

But yeah, he really really ticked off the true America-haters who likely voted for him.

Delicious ain’t it?



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