Waiting for Spotify to put a warning on these other ‘experts’ like Fauci, Gupta, Maddow, etc. as well.

And sorry but who gets to decide what is and ISN’T misinformation, eh Spotify?

Is it Neil Young?

Tim Pool went off, and understandably so:

Something like that.

Granted, this editor happens to think the warning label will bring even MORE listeners/viewers to Rogan’s podcast but still. It does seem awfully one-sided, biased, and shady AF.

Anyone with common sense, who refuses to toe the approved narrative, is dangerous TO the narrative. So of course, Big Tech will follow along and ‘warn’ people not to listen to their content. When you think about it like that what they’re doing is even worse.

Why not let all sides of a conversation be heard and allow people to decide for themselves?

Sorry, that’s crazy talk.

We know.

Even though we KNOW the biggest pushers of bad info are people in the media.

And the CDC.

*cough cough*

We do indeed.

Any expert who is willing to stick to the approved narrative, even if what they are saying is wrong.


See? ANYONE who was around when they stuck these warnings on our music knows what happened.

We wanted that music MORE.

WTG, Spotify.




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