We didn’t think it was possible but Joe Rogan just made Neil Young and the other Leftist bullies look even dumber.


Joe comes in sounding reasonable, and explaining in detail who these ‘controversial doctors’ really are. One being the most published cardiologist and the other with multiple patents on the mRNA vaccine. And he just nailed it, they are experts who disagree with the current narrative, which as we know continues to change and change and then change again. He points out how a year ago, if you even mentioned the idea that COVID came from a lab you were a crazy conspiracy theorist, and GOD FORBID you dare mention cloth masks being a ridiculous solution to this virus. He even supports Spotify babysitting listeners as a way to keep ol’ Neil and the other musicians on their platform.

By being gracious, kind, understanding, and sane, he succeeded in making the morons screeching about him ‘killing people’ look even dumber.

Well done.

Neil does have a history of being a hippie who loves money.


See what we mean?

And he’s winning.

Just nailed it.



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