You know, you’d think Neil Young being a big baby and stomping off from Spotify would have impacted them negatively if he was actually a pull for the platform. Gosh, add in Joni Mitchell and their stock should be TANKING, right?


Womp-womp, Neil.

Could this rebound with their stock price be something else? Totally. Could it go down this afternoon? Absolutely. But we’re pretty sure all of Neil’s lemmings and zombies who supported his efforts to silence Rogan (they claimed Rogan was LITERALLY KILLING PEOPLE) claimed Spotify’s nearly year-long descent was somehow due to Neil standing up for his principles last week and stuff.

So we’re going to give them credit and say Neil leaving actually caused the stock to climb.

You can’t have it both ways, kiddos.



Way to go corporate hippies toeing the government line!

You sure showed Rogan.



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