Ok, before we even get started on the crazy that is Rachel Maddow, the only reason we became aware of her little temper tantrum last night is that this blue check who was screeching at DeSantis over anti-Semitic flyers seen in the Democratic-majority Miami-Dade county was once again screeching loudly about Florida.

But this time it was in support of poor Rachel who didn’t like the response she received from Florida’s Department of Health Press Secretary, Jeremy Redfern.

Ok, she’s BIG MAD so you KNOW we had to go find what made her so shrieky.

And this is what we found:

She was so angry with him she deliberately cut his quote short to make him look bad.

That’s adorable.

We suppose if she had included the REST of his quote people would see what she was trying to pull, not to mention cutting it off after the word ‘cute’ really did the trick for her audience of low IQ lemmings chomping at the bit to hate freedom Florida.

Wow, Rachel, we get that you’re desperate for relevance but this was pathetic even for you.

She big mad as well.

Poor Rachel.




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