Looking at these ridiculous anti-Semitic flyers Lesley Abravanel seems to think Ron DeSantis should do something about we are reminded of the very pretty and grammatically correct flyers that were showing up during the election last year in Virginia. Apparently, the KKK is big on making pretty flyers to put up all over very liberal towns.

But let’s humor Lesley and assume these aren’t a false flag, what exactly does she expect Ron to do about them?


Should he write a tweet about how stupid these flyers are and that they’re likely fakes from people who want to pretend fascism is flourishing on his watch in Florida? We’re thinking that’s what she wants because she went on to retweet other idiots reacting to the idiot flyers:




A tweet will totally stop anti-Semitism.

Anyone wanna remind Daniella how her beautifully diverse, inclusive, and caring community voted in 2020?


Just something else they can blame on him.

Many people at this point may need to seek some mental help over their DDS – DeSantis Derangement Syndrome.



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