Did NBC MEAN to admit there are problems with these lesson plans? Because they just did.


And sorry, but you’d think someone ‘advocating’ for free speech would want MORE transparency, not less.

We are truly living in the upside down.

Also, isn’t it cute how they call conservatives ‘activists’ and the free speech harpies ‘advocates’? Pretty sure it’s the other way around but whatever makes NBC feel better about exposing the schools and how they’re trying to hide their lesson plans.

Yup, we agree. We’re the crazy ACTIVISTS!

Fine, if that gets it done, we’ll be the crazy ones.


DeSantis is right.


Almost as if the guy knows what he’s talking about.

Right? If they are so worried about parents censoring CRT then there is likely CRT being taught. By another name, like Social Emotional Learning. Seriously, if you’re a parent reading this ask your district if they’re pushing SEL, it’s basically CRT.

They’re not on anyone’s side other than their own.



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