Boy oh boy, the media are working overtime to try and pretend the 90-minute cringe-a-thon from Biden yesterday was a good thing, even though anyone who watched it was just happy the president managed not to wet himself.

Ok ok, so he might have.

But you get the point.

Rachel Maddow though, claiming he did it to prove his ‘stamina’ to Putin?


From Fox News:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said President Biden’s nearly two-hour-long press conference on Wednesday was a show of “stamina” towards Russian President Vladamir Putin.

“I mean, it’s long for a presidential press conference. It’s long specifically for him. He hasn’t done nearly this long,” Maddow said.

Biden’s rare presser marked nearly one year since he took office.

“With all the talk about Putin and him talking about … the question of whether Putin is going to invade Ukraine might … be decided by which side of the bed Putin wakes up on – and all this stuff about trying to get Putin’s head. One part of me wondered if he was trying to sort of ape Putin’s annual press conference thing where he does these sort of feats of strength. He does these feats of stamina showing how long that he can continue to go taking these questions. So that was part of it,” Maddow said.

Yeah, we’re sure Putin was super impressed with the fact Biden managed not to wet himself as well.


His eyes were super dilated, we wondered the same.

Annnd we’re done here.



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