Dear reader, if you learn anything from us, let it be the appropriate time to point and laugh at the worst of the worst.

Oh, and never EVER drink and tweet.

Or rage and tweet.

In fact, if you’re a horrible person maybe don’t tweet at all.

It would have saved Robert Reich a whole lot of trouble:

Poor Robert, he definitely let his little man syndrome get the best of him with this tweet.

Just to be clear, Bob has called for Democrats to slap a woman because she didn’t vote as he wanted her to.


When someone shows you who they really are …


Nothing inspires women to vote for a certain party like its members advocating for violence against them when they don’t do as they’re told.

VERY tiny man … lol.

This would work too.


We sincerely doubt our pals in the mainstream media will hold shorty … sorry … Bob accountable for his advocating VIOLENCE against a woman for not doing as she’s told … but we can absolutely hold him accountable.

Wonder if his pals at Berkley will?



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