Lefties have been cheering COVID cases and deaths on the Right for months, but Laura Ingraham golf claps during a segment about Milley testing positive and they lose their damn minds.

It’s almost as if holding a mirror would do these folks a whole lotta good.

For example …

Merchants of death? Really? Milley just has COVID, and he’ll likely be ok.

Maybe she missed how the Left reacts every time someone on the Right catches COVID or even dies? Someone want to remind her about how they acted after Herman Cain died? Or even her own tweets from the past?

Right, Kim?


If they don’t like it when Laura Ingraham does it, they should probably stop doing it themselves.

Fair point.

That may be true but we’re not entirely sure what that has to do with her crappy tweet.



C’mon, man!


Pretty much.



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