Democrats have been pretending their voting rules bill is supposedly a voting rights bill and of course, most of our pals in the mainstream media have been happy to go along with it. It certainly sounds like they’re fighting for something worthwhile when they say, ‘VOTING RIGHTS’, versus what’s really going on in that they know if they can’t change the rules they can’t win.

See 2020.

Brit Hume was good enough to call them out, finally:

As usual, Brit is fair and reminds us all of Republicans have done something similar as well. That being said, this voting rights thing is about keeping power, not protecting rights, which in our opinion seems a bit shadier than a missile.

Just sayin’.

Let’s hope so. If Democrats can make Voter ID illegal across the country and push ballot harvesting we may never see a free and fair election again.

And they know it.

And they want it.

That’s what makes their talking points so obnoxious. They pretend they’re fighting for the little guy to have a ‘right’ to vote, but what they’re really doing is making it possible to ‘fortify’ more elections, since it worked so well to elect the most unpopular president maybe in our history.

That’s certainly what it sounds like.

Definitely not ‘rights.’



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