Ok, so the first person to head over to or near the steps of the U.S. Capitol with a food truck (or a warm box of Cinnabons) will become an instant hero all around the country. These people seem to think Democrats are trying to protect their voting rights when in all reality they are just pretending it’s rights when it’s rules.

Rules they need to ever win another election again.

But the propaganda machine (mainstream media) has clearly done some damage and brainwashing because it’s damn cold in DC today and these yahoos are out there singing and going on a hunger strike … over voting rights they haven’t lost.



Hope they brought some blankets and umbrellas.

Hmmmm … cinnamon buns.

And considering Biden has been more than happy to pay people for not working …

Now now, there are a few of them who could easily go a few days without eating.


Psh, or you know, don’t tell ’em?





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