Biden sucks, Obama sucks, and Clinton sucks.


Ok, so we’re obviously right-leaning and biased, but Nate Cohn isn’t, and his thread? Painful.

Delicious for us, painful for Democrats.

Take a look:

From LBJ and Clinton to Obama.

Now you know they’re freaking out reading this.



Focus on inflation.

Stop babbling about voting rights because we just had an election where 81 million people were able to vote for him. Too busy playing politics to actually do his job.

Yeah, they’ve all sucked.

Ok, so Nate isn’t saying that necessarily but we are.

The bill wasn’t popular.

No kidding.

Biden’s lost more than that thread but we digress.

This. ^

Womp womp womp.

Cue the freak out:

Yes, crap on the median voter as some redneck. That plays out so well in elections.



Truth hurts.



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