Welp, Republicans, with the help of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, were able to protect Democracy last night when they protected the filibuster from Democrats who want to get rid of it so they can pass new voting rules.

They’re not rights.

We need to stop letting them call their nonsense RIGHTS.

They want special rules that allow the feds to control states’ elections so they can stay in power via ballot harvesting and doing away with Voter ID.

And as you’d expect, the Left is handling it really well … or not.

Stunning. They still either don’t know how the Senate works or like to pretend they don’t know.


Oh, but this one was his worst (he deleted) – it was so bad we wrote an article JUST on it:

Always keeping it classy.

Important to remember: 52 is still more than 48.

Basic math.

Hillary Clinton deleted one? HA HA HA HA HA HA

Yeah, it’s bad.

Black Americans don’t have the right to vote? Say what? What year does she think this is?

The people who are already losing elections? They won’t forget?

Big whoop.

Oh, and does she mean the filibuster … that Democrat senators used JUST LAST WEEK … that filibuster? HA HA HA HA HA

Eric Swalwell had this to stay:

Again, which rights are they talking about?

Psst … they’re not.

Can’t do an article about batsh*t and not include Joy Reid.



Where are all of these Black Americans who don’t have the right to vote? Please, show us.

Oh, that’s right, they can’t.

Note, there are lots and lots and lots of tweets just like these (and worse) but we there are only so many minutes in the day.



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