Welp, we didn’t think it was possible for the Left to lose their minds ANY MORE than they already had … silly us. Clearly, there is a lot more rail to their crazy train. This weekend, after Governor Youngkin signed an EO restoring parent’s rights in Virginia, a complete windfall of frothy-mouthed insanity took over Twitter because apparently, parents being able to choose how to mitigate a virus (as they have since really the beginning of time) is somehow a bad thing.

And they think THEY’RE the good guys.

Good guys don’t tweet about masked people getting drunk and speeding through neighborhoods to teach evil parents who want to unmask their children a lesson:

Pro-covid parents? REALLY?!

Note, this dude is teaching fresh, young minds.

This might be part of the problem we’re seeing with the crazy on Twitter.


What a douche-bag.

Oh, he did delete it after receiving a ton of pushback but that he not only thought this, but also thought it was ok to tweet? Bad.

Maybe Penn State should.

And it’s only getting worse.

Among other things, yes.




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