Trump still triggers TF out of them.

The guy has been out of office for a year, he shows up at a rally with a bunch of Black supporters behind him, and the Left comes completely unglued. So unglued in fact that their bellyaching has caused ‘Blacks for Trump’ to trend this morning.

Which makes us all point and laugh:


Seriously, look at these people.

Trump funded the HBCUs.

Under Trump, Black Americans saw the lowest unemployment in history.

Trump passed the historic First Step Act, which Van Jones even called a step in the right direction for helping young Black men break the incarceration cycle many get stuck in.

Meanwhile, Biden sponsored the most racist crime bill in modern history.

Biden told Black Americans Republicans would put them back in chains and then, last year, he told Black Americans if they didn’t vote for him, ‘they ain’t black.’

But you know, Trump bad.

Such sad little people, still tweeting like this a year after he’s gone.

Yes, it’s all a plot. No Black person would ever think for themselves and be a Republican.

*all the eyerolls*

This one is pretty disgusting all on its own.

For being a Republican trend, there sure are a lot of Democrats b*tching and moaning and making it trend.

What a sad, silly little leftist circle jerk.

Oh, we’ll point and laugh and make an example of them in an article … but it’s still sad.




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